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What is Typosquatting and how do I keep safe from it?

This is when the fraudster develops a web page which looks exactly the same as the TOA logon page and harvests their logon information; based on a one character typo in the official domain name (e.g. instead of – the ‘s’ sits next to the ‘a’ on the keyboard.

The website will usually display an error message when the customer attempts to login. Things such as checking the URL and confirming the secure login symbol usually represented by a padlock in the browser can help. Bookmarking the official website can mitigate the chance of typosquatting.

You should always be careful when typing in the name of the websites you use.

The padlock is used by an e-commerce site to show the domain is encrypted. If you click on the padlock it should verify a security certificate is present for that website. Look for the https:// rather than http:// (e.g.

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